The Homless Man at the Bus Stop

“Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”
~ Nora Ephron

This morning I ran into a homeless man as I waited for the bus.

Homeless Man (HM): Hey Kid!

Me: Yeah?

HM: You know David Hasselhoff the actor?

Me: (Contemplated whether he meant did I know about him or if I knew him personally, then I remembered I met him in New York last year so it didn't matter) Yeah.

HM: What was that television show he was in?

Me: Baywatch?

HM: (In an angry tone) NO!!! The one he had by himself?

Me: Nightrider

HM: YEAH!!!!

He smiled and literally skipped away...


That afternoon on the bus ride home this man got on the bus grumbling to himself. He cursed under his breath the entire time he was on the bus. When he got off he stopped right before exiting and shouted to the female bus driver:

"I hope you get in a wreck BITCH!!!"

I nearly died laughing...

Also on the ride home...I saw a purple fat Elvis impersonator on the street downtown...I wish I had my camera on me but I didn't...I need to carry it around more often...

Since I didn't get a pic this badly photoshoped photo will have to do:

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  1. who knew stl was so funny and exciting? all i saw in london was a drunken homeless man pee his pants on the steps of st. martin's in the field. that giant church across from trafalgar/national portrait gallery. it was gross. he seemed to notice eventually that his urine was dripping onto the white steps so he shifted over a foot and left a trail of grossness.

    welcome to london kids!! (all this during the orientation for the US scholars lol)


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