Questions I Can't Answer...

“Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.”
~Roger Ebert

When I studied abroad in Geneva, in the summer of 2005, I bought this nice little watch from Mondaine; the makers of the official railway clocks of Switzerland. I loved my new watch, my first "real" watch. I felt so special wearing it, it went well with whatever I wore. I could dress up with it, as well as dress down.

When I lived in Geneva I spent a lot of money on trips (visited several European cities) and food and rent...but I didn't spend much money on myself or souvenirs and I though what a better souvenir than an authentic Swiss watch? I dished out 120CH (approx. $150) for it and considering it was the biggest purchase I had ever made on something for myself I thought it was worth it.

The day after I arrived back in the US the watch stopped working.

I took it to several watch repair shops, got its batteries changed several times, and nothing. The watch would work again for a day or two and nothing...

Three years have passed by and the day before I left for London (a few weeks ago for graduation) the watch was magically working again. I was in shock but I wore it and changed the time to London time and it worked just fine. The watch worked well throughout my entire trip, I thought it would stop at some point but it didn't.

Surely this was a sign? Stopped working when I first left Europe, didn't work during my first year long stay in London (bad bad times) but was working again the day I left for Europe once more. Something was telling me that things are going to work this time...

A few days ago, Aug 14, the watch stopped working. Exactly one month after it started working.

Notice my cool window in the background. More on that in a future post.
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