A Woman Named Geneva

“A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.”
~Louis Nizer

On my way to the botanical nursery (Bowood Farms) to buy a pot for my new plant (BOB) I encountered a woman named Geneva.

I was walking with my awesome Landlord, Kristen, and Geneva was walking ahead of us on the same street. Just as we were nearing the nursery, Geneva slowed down and ended up behind us. As we passed her I felt that something wasn't right and looked back, Geneva was stumbling to the ground. Both Kristen and I walked over to her to see what was going on. She stated she was tired and needed to rest but she was shaking uncontrollably and seemed to be in a daze. I should also mention that Geneva is an older lady.

She stated she was on her way home, at a nursing home, and had just come from getting her hair done...."getting your hair done is an important part of your personal hygiene" she stated. Some workers from the nursery came out to see what was going on and Kristen instructed them to bring some water and juice for the lady. I got out my phone and dialed 411 to find her nursing home's number. We stated the situation to them and they said they would be right out to get her, they have a nurse on staff that could help her. 

One of the nursery staff members came out with the water and orange juice and another with an umbrella, it was a rather hot day today and we were right in the sun. I held the umbrella while Kristen talked to Geneva, keeping her calm and awake. A few minutes passed and the nursing home staff arrived. We helped Geneva to her feet and she gave Kristen a huge hug and got in the van.

I'm glad that we were there at that time, I wondered if anyone else would have done the same. I remembered one time when I felt very light headed and and to stop in the middle of the sidewalk and sit on the curb for over 45 minutes. Not a single person came to my aid although many passed and looked wondering what was happening. Have we become a society of onlookers who don't want to get involved? Sadly I think the answer is yes...but regardless I'm glad we were able to help out Geneva, and I'm glad she was able to tell us about her hair...I will never forget that.
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