For The Loss of Creativity There Is Always Hope.

"Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual."
-Arthur Koestler

Being in a creative field one fears lack of creativity. A death trap to those who need the powers of the mind and spirit to survive. Through the years I have found that different things both inspire and limit my abilities. There are things that inspire today which will block tomorrow. It is an endless cycle of emotion, experience, and expression.

In the last few years I have experienced several major changes in my life, along with those changes came different waves of creative expression. Most recently I have found myself in a major creative slump. The ideas are all there, I dream them, I see them, I can hear them; they just can't come into fruition. More specifically I have had a hard time creating characters that are lifelike, personable, and empathetic.

In the last couple of weeks though I have learned a great way to come over this slump. Or at least a way to work through it. It is a very simple thing, that many people in big cities (or small cities) do everyday anyway. They say people watching is a great creative booster. An even better form of people watching is watching people on public transportation. Seeing the lonely man in the front of the bus...desperate for a friend; or the 20 year old mother with three children. You wonder how they got to the point where they're now. Making up their life stories right on the spot and even after they get off on their stop.

Do it... maybe I should follow my own advice...
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