I Hate People Sometimes...

Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.
~Mac McCleary

Yesterday I almost got into a fist fight. Haven't been in one in years, but I was not afraid nor was I at fault. To explain the situation (which isn't complicated at all) I have to start by stating that I am an avid pedestrian. I have been a walker/public transportation user my whole life (seeing that I'm from New York City this is very NORMAL for me).

So when it comes to the rules of being a pedestrian I am a PRO. On the sidewalk...I have the right of way...on the road...I have the right of way...unless of course the light is obviously not for me.

Yesterday as I was on my way to work (Kids Summer Video Camp) I found myself crossing the last main intersection before I get on the Metro (St. Louis Subway/Rail system). I waited for the little walk man on the crosswalk sign to light up and I, along with several other people, began to cross. A car turning onto the street did not stop for us and kept driving. Everyone, minus myself, jumped back. I kept walking watching the driver every step of the way, he too watching me, to the point where he had to stop otherwise he would have hit me. He proceeded to yell out his window (with music blasting):

"What the Fu*k is your problem? You gonna keep walking?"

To which I proceeded:

"Hey Asshole, we have the light."

He reached to open his door as a cop pulled up to the scene, and his passenger friend grabbed his arm to signal him to relax.

I don't condone fighting, and I probably would have gotten my ass beat...but I was ready. Ruined my morning and had to spend the train ride calming down in order to arrive at the kids camp chipper and ready for a day full of video fun.

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