Back in America

Tomorrow will mark my two month return to the States. It feels like I never left but at the same time everything is completely different. I am still umemployed and wonder if it would have been better to stay in London working, but doing so would have meant starving and I would have been coming back in a few days anyway.

Weird...I would still be in London right now and just getting ready to move back. Would I have come to St. Louis? Obviously the living arrangement I have now is due to the fact of when I came, maybe I would not have ended up here, what about the festival?

Oh the festival, not as good as last year, but also better in other respects. I have to think real hard if I want to continue it next year or not, if I stay in St. Louis then yes, otherwise no. Trying to run things from London was near to impossible and the festival suffered greatly for it.

Anyway today I went to the Beyonce concert held at Scottrade Center in Downtown St. Louis and OMG it was amazing! I have never been to a real indoor concert before, only to the free outdoor ones. And let me tell you I've been to awesome outdoor concerts in Paris, Rome, London and St. Louis but this one was just amazing! Robin Thicke opened for her and OMG he is one sexxy man! He was basically making love to the microphone stand, I believe some of the ladies around me wet their seats. HAHA good times though.

Glad to be back, although I don't know for how long. If I don't get a good job soon I basically plan on moving back to NYC in September, if I'm going to be broke then I'd rather be broke where my mother can feed me. David is up to his old tricks again, which of course does not make being here any easier, although I have been able to push him away and not let him get to me as much.

Weird thing about being back though is that it still feels like I'm gone. There are so many people I have yet to see or hardley see at all, except now it also counts for my London friends.

Ughhh I hate moving around, it's like starting all over again each time...even when you're moving back to the place you considered home..
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