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Today Sweeney Todd came out...and of course being the big Burton fan that I am I made sure that I bought my tickets early (Most NYC theaters were sold out). I have been super excited for over a month and I nearly started shaking as I waited for it to start.

First I want to mention that the previews before the movie were not related AT ALL and a bit of a joke. The only one that even remotely fit was the trailer for the new Mama Mia film, and only because it's a musical...a bad one at that.

So the film started and I immediately fell in love. The music was catchy, the story compelling, and the characters intriguing. I even forgave a moment of child abuse for the sake of comedy...those of you who know me well know I can not handle any type of child abuse in films, let alone murder, I flip out and leave the theater.

Anyway later in the film, I had this urge that something like that was going to happen and I sat very uneasily and thought I was going to go insane so I turned to my friend who had seen the stage performance and I demanded that he tell me what was about to happen before I ran out of the theater screaming... Anyway the film ended and I could not tell if I liked the film or not. The uneasy feeling I had consumed all my senses and so I have no clue what i think about the film.

I know I did not like the ending, very abrupt and it left me with many questions. From what I gather it plays very true to the stage version so it's not that they cut stuff out to make it different or anything...I don't know, I don't anything...I feel weird.

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