From Chasing Drag Queens to Tim Burton, My 24 Hours with Rafael

So Saturday night both Rafael and I were a bit restless. We decided that we were going to go to a club or bar. Now mind you I was not dressed for the occasion and refused to go to a club but I would be ok with going to a bar. So we venture out into Soho and of course neither of us know a good place to go, we've only been to like 2 places and they were not an option on this particular evening. We walked around a bit and found this one place we've been wanting to go to. Of course it's closing and everyone is leaving. We're like "shit" and then out of nowhere this very pink and flashy drag queen comes strutting out of the place and into the street. We both look at each other and Rafael exclaims we should follow "her", I'm like "uhhhh no" but next thing I know Rafael is off behind her, I run to catch up and we follow this drag queen through the streets of London while she gets cat calls and mocks from the passersby. Eventually we loose her and I'm like "Thank God" next thing I know these two cute boys walk by and we start following them, Rafael's opinion is that they will probably end up somewhere cool and so that's a good way to find a place. I get the notion that the guys can tell we're following them and so I pull Rafael to the side and end the fiasco. Then a really hot guy wearing nothing but a leaf to cover his crotch walks by and Rafael goes after him, I quickly yank him back and say "NO!". The night was pretty unproductive except it was my first actual adventure in London. I failed to mention that we got lost on a bus right before and were like 40 minutes out of our way.

Next day, a bird poops on me.

So if you've read my previous post you would know that Tim Burton was going to be giving a screen talk at the London Film Festival as well as appearing at the screening of the 3D Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course both events were sold out before the tickets even became available to the public and so I was in much distress. I decided that I was going to get up really early and go stand in line for tickets. The screening was at 3pm and the talk at 7pm. So I choose to go for the movie since I would have the best chance of getting in. I got there at 10AM and there were a few people waiting around. One by one they all left to go get food or whatever and next thing I know I am #1 in Line and boy I am excited! I stand there until about 2:45pm. Rafael came and joined me around 2pm with much disapproval from the rest of the line. I told them I was going to buy him a ticket anyway so it didn't matter and they should shove it (I didn't actually say the last part but I was thinking it). Anywhoo I got my ticket and we walked into the theater. It was so COOL! There were plush Jack toys on every seat along with chocolate, water, and a little Booklet from the movie. Very NICE!!! So we sat with our 3D glasses on, saw Time Burton (MY IDOL) introduce the movie and watched the movie in all it's 3D glory.

The minute the movie was over I said "See YA" to Rafael and literally ran out of the theater, ran to the tube, took it across town, and ran to the BFI National Film Theater and onto the line for the screen talk. I was #24 in line and thought I had no chance of getting in but hey it was worth a shot. I stood there for a few hours, Rafael came and joined again (he doesn't have a tube pass so he couldn't take the tube with me). And one by one they sold us tickets. Next thing I know I am next in line and either they are going to have no more cancellations or they're only going to have one. I get up and say two please and the lady says OK. I nearly died and my grin went from ear to ear. So now I have tickets to the screentalk and I am literally jumping for joy. The security guard laughs. We walk into the theater and see and hear my idol filmmaker talk about his experiences and thoughts on his history of filmmaking. I am completely content with life and remember these are the reasons why I'm here.

Bird Poops on you = good omen.

I'm glad the day went as good as it did, I really needed it as I have started to go insane missing my home and friends. Here's a treat:

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