I Do Not Wish To Be That Old Man...

There was once an Old Man who entered Screen 5 of the Trocadero's Cineworld Cinema. A man who bought a ticket to see "We Bought A Zoo." A man who scoped the room for a perfect seat and though the room was nearly empty found it necessary to sit next to a young man a third his age.

This old man laughed and cried as the movie progressed, but he did more than just that. He found a quiver in his hands that he could not control - an urge to touch the leg of the young man sitting next to him.

He did not listen to the please of disinterest or the physical movements of avoidance. He found it necessary to push the boundaries and reach further and further when his target evaded him. To evolve the touch into a rub and an eventual dig - to spoil the wholesome before him and turn it into a dirty deed that would ruin the day and test the young man's faith. This was an Old Man I met today.

I pity this man, who has no choice but to seek touch from nothing more than a victim, to experience life without the fundamental need of love, who would risk everything for a moment he has stolen.

I do not wish to be That Old Man nor the young one who sits next to him.

Ever again.
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