A New York Summary: Part 3 of 10

In the summer of 2003, after completing my freshman year of university, I worked on a short film spearheaded by one of the professors and crewed by fellow students. It was while working on this film that I got to know Evan.

I met him a few weeks prior at a drunken party where I witnessed a girl trying to lick his abs. How surreal those moments seem now.

Through that summer Evan and I became really close friends. He taught me how to drink alcohol, as I'd only had wine coolers, and pretty much spent the time testing my morals.

Evan and I barely ever see eye to eye on things. I always said he's my Magneto to my Xavier, we want the same things in life but have a completely different viewpoint on how to achieve them. Nonetheless we remain friends, close ones at that.

Evan moved to New York the following year pursuing a career in editing. New York was a bitch, as I always thought she was, and Evan ended up spending time out west; living like a cowboy. I remember talking to him on the phone while he rode his bike through endless fields and thinking to myself - what a life this guy has, a life I never thought I would have myself and looking back on it now, I think it made him more alluring.

Evan grew up on the gulf side of Florida before moving to Kansas City with his family and then to Saint Louis - where we met. He's had a dream of living in Paris which he's actively sought but not yet managed. Has taught himself French, has actually taught himself quite a few things. Always on the hunt for new skills, he's like a sponge that's always dry...always thirsty.

Evan has a lot of story to his life but it would be unjust for me to tell it on his behalf. That's his job to do.

He is currently back in New York, teaching himself animation, and continues to test my ideas on life though he respects me for having them. He remains, to this day, the only boy my mother has accepted me bringing home - even though he's as straight as they get.
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