A London Recap: Part 3 of 10

I first met Amy while in graduate school here in London back in 2006. We were on the same course and on the first day of class as I ate lunch with my friend Rafael, who I met a few days prior at our university orientation, we discussed our class and most importantly our classmates. Raf turned to me and asked in his Brazilian accent: "who is the prettiest girl you think?"

We both agreed.


Considering the fact that Raf and I are both homos they were empty words but yet still the truth. Throughout the year we would run into Amy at parties or small gatherings but I never really got to know her.

It wasn't until the summer of 2009, when I was working on my first London feature film (actually in production), that I got to know Amy. I was sleeping on Raf's floor at the time and Amy had been asked by her boss to house sit. She invited me along. For three weeks I slept in a bed and it was glorious. Working in production and sleeping on a floor is not a good combination let me tell you.

After work I would head over to the house and just spend time with Amy. Finally getting to know her properly. I finished shooting at the end of he second week and so spent the entire third just enjoying the space, the bed, and Amy's company.

We were well from then on out. Amy threw me a birthday party at her house the following October and we shared many cake/wine/lasagna nights ever since.

Amy was crucial in helping me get the job that I have now, which got me out of having to beg for menial jobs and floors to sleep on. I guess you could say that Amy helped me get off the floor.

When I left London, thinking I was leaving for good, Amy told me it would be all right.
She helped me get my watch fixed (more on the watch next week) and sent me off on my way.
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