A Dominican Retrospective: Part 6 of 10

I don't know the boy above, I don't even know his name. Like the majority of events that took place in the Dominican Republic he was random.

I've always lived with a sort of order to my life. I know where I'm going, who I'm meeting and what I'm doing. Being in DR however taught me that there is a sort of freedom that comes with not knowing anything, especially since things happen whether you plan for them or not.

Having come back to London however I have found myself planning again. Planning what I do everyday, how I spend my money, who I spend my time with. I have set goals for the year in my personal and professional life - to which I'm only making headway on the professional side.

Being in DR time seemed to have stood still. Being back in London however, I can't stop hearing the ticking of the clock.

There are positive and negative points to both sides of the spectrum I suppose. The trick is finding the balance between them.

I found random (above) playing handball on the roof of Amanda's dental practice, down the street from me. He must have scaled the wall to get up there but didn't seem to mind that I had found him. He let me take his picture and then he was gone, never to be seen again.
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