A Dominican Retrospective: Part 5 of 10

Katie is a stranger to the Dominican Republic but she is no stranger to me. Another university cohort, Katie and I met in the fall of 2002. During our time as RA's we became close friends and have stayed that way ever since - regardless of the oceans that separate us.

It was by reading this very blog that Katie even knew I was in the Dominican Republic, and since she already had a unrelated trip planned she got in touch and we made arrangements to meet up. I had no intention of visiting the coastal town of Puerto Plata but considering I hadn't seen Katie in about 4 years I made an exception.

It's funny what they say about good friends, how regardless of the time apart you just pick up where you left off. The few days I spent with Katie were wonderful - as if no time had passed at all, yet we were older and wiser.

During the summer of our junior year we took a picture together for a friends assignment. In DR it was recreated and the before and after can be seen here.

After graduating in 2006 Katie moved to Chicago where she teaches Spanish in an inner city school. I love hearing stories about her students and their antics but more importantly I love hearing about her antics. She's always up to something.

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