Lola Lola

“Danke Schoen, darling Danke Schoen.
Thank you for all the joy and pain.
Picture shows, second balcony, was the place we'd meet, second seat, go Dutch treat, you were sweet.”
~Wayne Newton

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I dedicate this post to my Mami Lindsey

Last Thursday evening I had the privilege of attending my first cabaret in London. For one night I remembered why I originally fell in love with Europe.

My first visit to Europe was back in the summer of 2005 when I was studying at Webster University Geneva, Switzerland. I remember sitting by my window, admiring the buildings and watching the people come past (and sometimes enter) Love in Blue, the local whore house. Living in the red light district was interesting, fun, and for the first time in my life I felt like everything made sense.

During that time I experienced European life across 5 countries and it was from this experience that I decided to obtain my masters in London. Sad to say however, that my initial year in London was anything but what I had expected and through the years I have completely forgotten why I came here originally.

For those who know me, they know that I like the life of yesterday. The small cosy theatres, the open air everyday life, the fashion, and the manners and chivalry. Last Thursday evening I got a taste of 1920’s Paris in the dimly lit cabaret theatre of Pizza on the Park just off Hyde Park.

An event I never would have gone to on my own, I was invited by a new friend (Graeme), and words can not describe how joyful I was. To be completely honest I wish the night would have been a date because that is the only way it could have been topped.

The main and only act of the show was performed by Caroline Nin… though she was to be called Lola Lola. A late forties/early fifties Parisian beauty, she captivated my gaze, mind, and soul the moment she opened her mouth and the French lyrics poured out. The melodic jazz that accompanied grabbed a hold of my body and if it wasn’t for the wine filled table before me I would sprung out in a dance number that could only be described as the extremes of experimental movement.

She was a majestic woman, one who had obviously experienced life’s hardships and joys. The nearly empty room didn’t stop her from putting on the show she was made to do and her harsh smokers voice gave me a sense of her starving/failing artist life and all I could think about was how beautiful that was. I admired her for being up there, when so much has obviously told her not to. Some people do their art because they are good at it and they can, others do it because they would rather die than not be able to. Sometimes I ask myself where I stand. I would like to say the latter but I must admit the 1st. My laziness and procrastination skills has always gotten the best of me… maybe this experience will shine some light…. or in other words ram a boot up my ass.

Overall the show was anything but spectacular and reading up on Caroline I have come across a few less than perfect reviews… but for one night Lola Lola captivated my heart and for that I thank her, to Graeme I thank for showing me what a night out should feel like, and to London I thank for keeping me long enough to experience this once again.

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