Watching The Movie That Didn't Want To Be Seen

"I love the movie know...Why is it whenever you're watching a movie preview you always feel like you have to comment on it to the person you're with? 'Yeah...I'm not gonna see that movie. I'm gonna wait for that on VIDEO.' I mean when you think about it, it's just a commercial for the movie. You know, you never sit at home watching TV...'Yeah...I'm not buying that cereal. I don't like cereals with raisins in 'em...What's your take on that commercial?'"
~ Jim Gaffigan
The last few days have been filled with watching films, or in some cases trying to. I have the privilege, and I call it that because I sacrifice food for it, to have a Netflix® subscription. I try to watch the movies the same day I get them but I usually end up holding on to them for a few days. Mostly because I get home and find myself too exhausted to stay awake during a movie or someone comes over and I'd rather avert my attention to real life people rather than the fictional ones on the TV box.


So first film on my list...Lars and the Real Girl

I don't discuss plot (as to not give anything away) but I will discuss themes and my take on them. This film was very simple and really gave you a good feeling throughout the film. The subject matter is a bit strange and some people might be put off by the idea. If the film was a true life story I would have a hard time believing it. Not because I don't think it's possible for it to happen but because I don't believe people would be/aren't as understanding in real life of someone's mental disorder. The film did though spark a feeling of community love and respect and gave hope to the idea of social nurturing. If you have no clue what I'm talking about...go see the film.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Prepping to see the new Indie Jones film, I figured I would watch the original three films first so that I was caught up and could enjoy all the action packed goodness. I sat down with a friend to watch this last Saturday. We made the mistake of drinking rum and cokes at the same time and by half way through the film, I was as giddy as a school girl and rolling around all over the place. I apparently had to be carried to my bed and in the process called my roommate a "stupid blond bit*h" and broke my bedroom mirror with a kick...don't ask cause I have no clue what to tell you.

So Sunday afternoon, a different friend came over and I gave the film a second attempt. Watching the film sober it made a lot more sense and one thing I can say about this film over many others is this: One of THE best introductions to a character.

The film was simple, clever, fun to watch and an overall good time. Right after watching we decided to watch the new film, and although I still had to watch the second and third I went anyway.

The new film was not what I expected, a bit more Sci Fi than action/adventure, and the monkey swinging scene was just a "OH COME ON!" moment. You'll know what I'm talking about if you see the film. The action scenes were very elaborate but there were too many special effects. Overall it was fun and an easy way to spend an afternoon or evening but walking out of the theater I wondered if the film was made just to open doors to a spin off.

The Film That Did Not Want To Be Seen:

Hmmm...what can I say about this film? Well for starters it took me 5 attempts to watch it:

  1. Could not fast forward through the previews (great in theaters, hate em on DVD if I can't choose if I want to watch them or not) and made it through the first five minutes of the film. Picture starts to get pixelated and the film starts to jump...take out the DVD and find it kind of dirty so I clean it.
  2. Have to sit through previews again...the film goes fine....pause after a while cause I'm starving and so I run to the Kitchen to heat up some leftovers. Walk away from the stove for a minute and the smoke detector goes off. Nothing is burnt but the pan got a lil smoky...whatever no big deal right? Get my food and sit down, start eating, resume the film.
  3. Big bang on my window as firemen yell out to see if anyone is home. I'm like "WTF?" and run out and explain that it was just a smoky pan...nothing to get worried about. They take my statement and leave. Apparently our smoke detector is hooked up to a system where if it goes off the Fire Dept is alerted and will come immediately unless you tell them not to. The console to alert the false alarm is in my landlords house (I live in their basement apt.) and so I had no idea about it or even access to use it. Anyway, this whole time the film is playing, as I ran out in haste, and in order to catch up I press the previous chapter button. The film starts over from scratch.
  4. Another knock at my window followed by "HELLO???" I run out, again forgetting to press pause, and find my landlords sister peeking through my bedroom window. Not only does the alarm alert the fire also notifies family I explain the situation again and run back to the film...previous chapter.....not the beginning but damn close...DAMN IT!
  5. Knock on my least it wasn't my window...and it's my Landlord. By this point I'm so embarrassed about the whole situation and wish it would just end...but luckily she was real cool and just laughed at the whole situation. Ended up talking to me for a good hour...luckily I pressed pause this time.
So I finished watching the film and found that it was more trouble than it was worth. The film takes a very strange turn and kinda jars you a bit. I know the film was based on a novel, which seems like it in turn was based on true events, but all in all not my cup of tea.
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