Because My Mother Named Me: Demands for 2017 and Beyond

Dear All,

I’ve spent the last few days putting together a rather lengthy blog post about my demands for the world and why I was making them. Then I realized that I don’t need to explain myself. This is the succinct version.

Let it be known that from this point forward, I require the subsequent list of demands to be adhered to at all times by everyone in my life, and most importantly by every single white person.

Demands of 2017 and Beyond:
  1. Pronounce my full name in Spanish.
  2. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of English proficiency, education, disability, assets, religion, race, orientation, gender, national origin, job role, or anything else that makes them different from you.
  3. Understand that we don't all have access to the same resources, my accomplishments will look differently from yours. Your starting point might be someone's destination.
  4. Stop with the entitlement. No one owes you anything. You do not have a birthright, not by where you were born, not by what family you were born to, not by the color of your skin.
  5. Do not stand by because it doesn't affect you. Fight for their rights in immigration, fair wages, access to education and healthcare, and stand up for them when someone tries to pull them off a plane or heckles them in line at a store. Silence is compliance and enjoying the fruits of another persons labor while they pay the price is theft.
  6. Enough with the empty tears and enthusiastic prayers. Do something to make the world a better place through your work, volunteer efforts, and/or donations.
  7. Give your excess away. If you spend more money on luxuries than on the necessities of life and donations combined, you and I have nothing to talk about. There are hungry, hurt, sick, and scared people out there. If you have luxury, then you have the luxury to care for them.
  8. Speak with people who are homeless. A simple “hello, sorry I can’t, take care” go a long way to remind people they are not invisible. If you can do more, do more.
  9. If you are white, you do not have the privilege to declare a space as diverse. Only those who make that space diverse can declare such a thing. Instead of focusing on raising diversity numbers, focus instead on inclusivity and diversity will follow.
  10. Listen. Actually listen, do not respond. Listen, take it in. Learn something. Then do something to show that person that you heard them. That you love them.
Failure to comply will result in swift forgiveness and a polite reminder but note that I will not repeat myself twice. Either you’re with me or you’re not, and if you’re not, get out of the way.

In Jesus name, I pray.


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