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Ben is a 12 year boy with Angleman Syndrome that I work with after school and on weekends. We go on hikes, swimming, and traveling on public transport (he LOVES trains). During our adventures Ben likes to create small stories for everyone and anything that crosses our path (using a mix of sign language and pointing). It’s usually as simple as “That lady lives in that house” (that lady does not in fact live in that house) or “That dog is going to play soccer” (that dog is not going to play soccer). It’s amusing for both he and myself and today, as usual he came up with an interesting story for everyone we met during our hike.

That lady is going to go eat.
Those kids are going to go eat.
That dog is going to go eat.
Those birds are going to go eat.
Those people are going to go eat.
It’s time.
It’s time to go eat.
And so, we went to go eat.
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