GOTHAM: Initial Thoughts

I am a Batman fan.

Batman Returns is the first film I saw in a movie theater (at Loew's Paradise Theater Movie Palace in the Bronx).

I love Batman.

I have seen all the films (live action and animated), the animated series from the 90's, and even spin off's like Birds of Prey and Gotham Girls.

I Love Batman.

Everything about it, the characters, the city, the story, the anguish, and the triumphs. I love that Gotham made Batman and that Batman made Gotham. It is a cycle that the creators aren't afraid to admit.

To the point: Last night I watched Fox's version of "Gotham" an origin story that mostly follows Detective Jim Gordon (before he becomes Commissioner) and the characters that make up the Gotham City we know.

Initial Dislikes:
  • We start off by seeing a 10 year old-esque Selina Kyle (Catwoman) jumping across rooftops. Am I supposed to buy into this? Come on she's a child! 
  • They tried way too hard to incorporate many Batman villains into the first episode, either as children or as adults. Unnecessary. 
  • The death of Bruce Wayne's parents didn't get the on screen attention it deserves considering it is such a life changing moment. 
  • They seemed to have kept everyone's original names with the exception of Pamela Isley (Poison Ivy) who is named Ivy Pepper in the series. 
  • Was that a glimpse of the Joker we saw on the stage?

Initial Likes:
  • The story follows Jim Gordon. Great to see what the city will be like for Bruce growing up as opposed to the city Batman resides in. 
  • They incorporated Harvey Bullock, he rarely gets on-screen love. 
  • Officer Montoya (who I believe the only Hispanic character from the comics) is a bad ass with a past. 
  • Jim Gordon is already engaged with Barbara. I can see that there will be some relationship tension (based with her scene with Officer Montoya) but at least we won't be spending the series watching Jim date girl after girl even though we know he will always end up with Barbara. 
  • Was that a glimpse of the Joker we saw on the stage? :)

Those are my initial thoughts. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this series.

One final thought... feel very strange that this series is on Fox. Batman has always been WB in my mind (CW I suppose these days).
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