Mami-isms: Why is the Sky Blue?

Papi: Mami, why is the sky blue?

Mami: Papi. Allow me to explain why the sky is blue........

So. The atmosphere is mixed with different gas molecules - mainly nitrogen and oxygen. They're some other gasses in the atmosphere but they're not as popular as nitrogen and sure as shit not as sexy as oxygen. Salt, dust, ash, and smoke are examples of solid particles that are all up in the atmospheres kool-aid. 

Now, The Sun is one big ball of raging light that looks white!!! Like a really cute happy, tubby/chubby angel, round and white! And the light has energy that travels in waves. The light waves vibrate, like a pleasure instrument for my hot pocket, in the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is pretty large. Us humans can only see a very small part of this field called the the electromagnetic spectrum. The sun light that looks white is actually a bunch of colors mixed together (if you took lighting for film or color photography or stayed awake for [Name Omitted]'s class I believe the visible electromagnetic spectrum was explained) and when they're all mixed up it creates white light. So in this electromagnetic spectrum the colors that are visible are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,violet and they all travel at different wavelengths, frequencies and energies. So like red is the longest wave length but the slowest at frequency and energy (which is probably why I like the color red a lot - nice and slow). Violet is short and high maintenance with energy and frequency. 

Essentially, the light travels in the air and it bumps in to all those particles I talked about earlier. In particular the gas molecules look at those light waves like cupcakes and eat and absorb them! The gas molecules have the option to absorb whatever color of light they want but, the gas molecules are racist. They're racist because they only like short, hi frequency wavelengths that are BLUE. The gas molecules hardly ever absorb the red molecules. Once the gas absorbs the blue wavelengths it radiates and scatters the light to the sky.

So Papi, the sky is blue because of racist gas molecules. Das it.
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