A Calling

Since I was a child I always saw film as a way to better people's lives, to make dreams come true, and to show the world the consequences of its social actions. Thanks to a friend who participated in a charity walk for MediCinema  I have discovered a new reason for film - to help people forget their pain.

MediCinema is a registered charity in the UK which specializes in building and running mini cinemas in hospitals in order to allow their patrons, who are bound to their beds or wheelchairs or simply spend long periods in inpatient care, to watch films (in a theatre setting) free of charge. They are completely run by volunteers and everything paid for by donations. This offers the patients and their families a chance to forget their iv's and focus on laughing or smiling instead. I am nearly at the verge of tears I am so moved by what they are doing - I would donate my soul to them if I could (a monthly donation and pledge of volunteer-ism will have to suffice). Below is a story from one of the patients, read it and if you have a heart (and an understand of the power of film) you will know how I feel now.

Alex's Story

Alex was born with a degenerative condition and attended Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow as a baby and continued to have long spells in hospital all the way through to his teens.

When MediCinema at Yorkhill first opened in 2007 Alex had just undergone major surgery which left him immobile from the neck down.

Because of Alex's condition it was often not possible for him to be included in hospital youth clubs or other social activities. At that point he was completely bed-bound.

The fact that MediCinema's are specifically designed to accommodate beds and wheelchairs makes us inclusive of pretty much all inpatients.  So when we spoke to Alex about MediCinema he was so excited that he would be able to attend the screenings in his bed. He was delighted that he would get to see films in a "real cinema" again, something that otherwise just wouldn't have been possible.

From that day on Alex became a MediCinema VIP, with Volunteers and nurses eager to hear his "critique" at the end of the film. Alex doesn't hold back and his film knowledge is extremely impressive.

You can see him pictured here during his times at Yorkhill MediCinema with Bart Simpson, Alvin and the Chipmunks and one of our Patrons Ewan McGregor.

As Alex's condition deteriorated he needed specially trained staff with him 24 hours a day. The change meant that there was no staff able to come off the ward with him so his trips to the MediCinema stopped.

Knowing how much MediCinema meant to him our cinema manager requested that we take on a specially trained nurse so he could come back and start watching movies once again. The funding was quickly found to do this and he was right back in his regular spot in the front row until he was finally discharged from hospital in 2010.

Alex is pretty extraordinary but  he is also quite typical of many many patients who truly benefit from having a MediCinema in their hospital or place of care.
This story was copied from the MediCinema Website, more testimonies can be found there and Donations can be made here.

Verge of tears...
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