A Student Once More

I recently enrolled at Hillsong Evening College held at King's College London. Yesterday was my first day of class and I realised the following statements were true when I was 17 as they are today:
  1. Walking into orientation is nerve wrecking, especially when you don't know anyone.
  2. For the first 20 minutes all I can think about is "What am I doing here?"
  3. I start to worry about having the right notebook or "text"book.
  4. I worry about connecting with any of the other students.
  5. I get crushes on my male teachers.
  6. The above statement removes statement No.2
  7. The teacher finds it necessary to call on me more than the other students.
  8. I am the first one called up to recite my work and my voice will crack.
  9. I leave the class really inspired and state "I'm going to do all my homework tonight!"
  10. I get home and turn on the TV.
Being once a week I have enough time to mentally prepare myself for the next class... perhaps I'll sit in the back...
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