A NY/DR/LON Finale: Part 10 of 10

Writing about my travels and experiences these last ten weeks has been both insightful and a challenge. You can definitely tell on which occasions I had a proper sit down to write it out and on what other occasions I wrote the post while riding the bus to work in the morning. A good way of knowing is how emotional the piece was, as opposed to strictly informative. Then again what are memories if not pieces of information with some sort of emotional attachment. 

My time in New York was short but deeply impactful. I saw my father again for the first time in 6-8 years (I actually can't remember when we stopped speaking). I got to meet my niece Ameera and cousin Jos茅. I got to fight for my nephew Stanley and point out my Brother's mistakes. I was privileged to attend my long lost sister Adriana's graduation and understand that we are the same person, regardless of the fact that we didn't grow up together. I connected with my other long lost sister Aileen and got to see that art does indeed run through my veins. I was able to find my younger brother, who was missing for a few months, and realised that the best thing was to let him go. I reconnected with my surrogate family of friends Cody, Mandy, Elbia, Evan, Lindsey, and Michael. I spent time with my ailing Grandmother and saw her bounce back to life but most importantly, for the first time ever my Mother said she was proud of me.

The Dominican Republic was an adventure in itself. I discovered things that I never expected. I got to meet the surviving members of my Grandfather's secret other family. I learnt of who was responsible for his assassination and got to see the town where he grew up. I reconnected with my extended family and rediscovered the island I once longed for. I compiled my family history and was able to see how grand it is. I learnt to be by myself and appreciate the simpler things in life. I went without hot water or electricity at times and took the opportunity to read by candlelight or just sit on a rocking chair talking to neighbours. I learnt to let go of technology and most importably I learnt to appreciate time - time alone, time in transition, time in thought, time unexpected - just time.

My previous life in London no longer exists. I have returned a different person, a different man, with a fresh start and a new outlook on life. Many of my friends have departed (moved away) and those who remain have changed so much since I left that I realise they too are on a path different from my own. What comes next is anyone's guess, what matters though is that I have a good job, a great place to live, and time to do what I need to do... to accomplish the things I have come here to accomplish. As my nephew Junior pointed out:
time to focus...
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