A New York Summary: Part 7 of 10

Out of my eldest brothers pod of 5 kids, Yunior (junior with a Spanish accent) is the only one that is actually his. He was born in the fall of 2005 as a complete surprise to me, I didn't even know my brother had remarried. I remember my mom calling me to say that Yunior had been born and all I could say was "who?"

That following Christmas I went home to meet the little buggar. He was so fat and cute and I instantly loved him. I saw him again the following May as my family drove to Saint Louis to attend my graduation. He was still fat and cute and I still loved him.

After my brothers returned me to New York in 2007 I saw a very different Yunior. He was thin and spiteful, and his parents had just split up - ending my brothers second attempt at married life. I couldn't stand the kid, which says a lot as I'm crazy about children especially ones related to me. He was a brat and I didn't love him anymore. Though it was interesting that by the time I left New York Yunior was able to say my name (pronounced oh-phe).

I wouldn't see him again until March of this year. It was interesting to see how much this 5 year old had changed. I arrived at my house and before I even got out of the car the little punk was already running towards me screaming my name in utter joy. I couldn't believe he even remembered who I was.

But one thing hadn't changed, Yunior was a brat and a very disrespectful one at that. His target of cruelty though was my grand mother and that was unacceptable. I asked ny mother why she didn't give him the back of her hand, as her children would have gotten, but she said nothing. I asked my brother, his father, and he also said nothing.

I could not stand by and watch this happen, especially in my grandmothers state, and so I grabbed that boy and I whipped him into shape. (there was no actual whipping)

Within two days I had him eating at the table, requesting permission to leave the room, saying good morning and good night to everyone in the house and more importantly I got him to show Mama some respect. By the time she returned to DR he had managed to even give her a hug. So sad that his great grandmother was only able to get that but it was better than the complete disregard for her existence that she was used to.

So what did I do to get him to do a 360? I talked to him. I talked to him every chance I got and I explained why things were bad and how things were good and the rest was up to him really.

I did feel bad though when my brother would tell him to go out and play and instead he would come to me for permission. Funny how much respect buys you. I left New York to return to London but this time I left loving the skinny little punk. Loving Yunior.
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