A London Recap: Part 7 of 10

I first met Rosie during Kerri's birthday party back in 2006. I say we met but neither if us remembers this, though there is photographic evidence of us sitting directly across from one another. 

I wouldn't see her again until the fall of 2009 when her and Kerri (I was living with Kerri at the time) came home one night a drunken mess and Rose needed a place to crash so she tried to crawl in bed with me. I had just gotten a bed, as I was sleeping on the floor the months prior, and the last thing I wanted was to share with a drunk straight girl. I literally grabbed Rose by the hand and walked her to our other flatmates room (Katy - more on her in a future post) and left her in bed with her. I don't think I even asked Katy if it was ok. 

From that moment forward Rosie and I would become something of an illegitimate couple. We planned our children and our wedding and everyone else just played along, it was cute. 

I always thought that Rosie was one of the most beautiful women I'd met. She has a certain old world charm about her from the way she dresses, how she styles her hair to her posh accent. Needless to say I had a total (gay boy) crush on her. 

During Kathryn's bachelorette party (I was the only male present) Rosie and I had a fake wedding though the person officiating us apparently has a license for such things and therefore we were technically actually married. Since no paperwork was signed it was absolved four days later. 

Rosie soon met another man and is now engaged to that said man. We still joke about how beautiful our babies would be. And beautiful they would be...
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