A London Recap: Part 6 of 10

I first met Elkie while working for the production company that I work for now, the company that essetially brought me back to London. She worked in the accounts department and would give me my daily dose of gossip over lunch or sporadically throughout the day as I constantly found myself visiting her office... On official business of course.

We hung out quite a bit outside the office as well. Actually now that I think about it she came over to my flat more than anyone else I know. We would watch "heavy" movies, eating naan bread and hummus and we would chat about boys, our family, and life.

At the time I had a very active social life. I met someone after work every single day and I always had some grand plan on the weekend. Elkie pointed out to me one night that I was afraid of being alone.

I disagreed with her of course... But she was right.

Being alone with my thoughts I tended to over-analyse everything. Well I analysed everything that was wrong, bad, or unwanted in my life. Why a particular boy didn't like me, why I couldn't afford to make ends meet, why was I being forced to leave the country. These are of course the things I am willing to admit. The list goes on.

It was because of this that when I did leave London I choose to head for the Dominican shores as opposed to the New York one. I was going to force myself to be alone and by God I was going to love it.

Of course I had no idea the Dominican adventure ahead of me but I did accomplish my goal. Today, back in London, I rarely ever go out and I'm loving the time I spend with myself. It also makes the time I spend with others that much more special.

Elkie has since left my company but today finds herself the head of her department for another multi-national television production company. Sadly that's the end of our gossip sessions.
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