A London Recap: Part 5 of 10

In the fall of 2009 I had the privilege of meeting a nice young Italian chap by the name Pino. He would become the first of a few that would make up my London Pooks (Saint Louis Pooks being the original), a group of gay guys similar in age but from an assortment of backgrounds and professions.

It was through Pino, and his endless network of friends, that I would discover gay London. Up until that point I had no interest in exploring what London had to offer. I had always been a bit standoffish about gay people in general (I didn't dislike myself, just everyone else) as I had preconceived notions of what gay life was like, especially in a big city like London. I was obviously wrong. 

Coming to terms with the world around me, I got a better understanding of who I was - and found a group of guys that I could not only relate to but who I could actually enjoy spending time with.

A little over a year ago I had gone through some serious relationship problems - problems that I can laugh at and appreciate today - but Pino helped me see past them. He has always been very good with his words of advice and encouragement though he never listens to them himself.

Pino comes from an Italian family but grew up in Luton (just north of London) and is currently in his 3rd (skipping the 2nd) year of Med School. He was previously working in medical advertising. He currently lives with his boyfriend (and fellow Pook) and has recently gotten a puppy.
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