A New York Summary: Part 1 of 10

I can only share a few words about Cody, he is rather incapable of receiving complements though he is probably one of the people most deserving.

I first met Cody in the spring of 2004, we had just been hired as RA's of our University and in a get-to-know-you Staff Meeting I had the misfortune of sitting next to this chump. We were both studying film and as I was secretly on the verge of giving it up, Cody was on the secret verge of taking over the world with it. He asked me to Produce his next film project (just after a 5 minute conversation) and I agreed without any intention on actually following through.

In the fall semester Cody snuck his way into my film production class (he was technically a year behind me) and next thing I know I was actually being roped into working on his project. At the time it was the hardest project I had ever worked on but also the most rewarding. I didn't think anyone could accomplish something so great with so little. A few weeks later we shot my first short film, which Cody DP'd, and again I was surprised with the outcome. I actually remembered why I wanted to do film in the first place - to tell stories, to tell my stories. My film was not the greatest in the world, heck to be honest it's not very good at all, but it was my film and without Cody I don't think I would even have gotten that far.

When the opportunity came for me to return to London to pursue a job offer in film, I had been working as a leasing agent at the time, it was Cody who made sure I had what I needed to get out of Saint Louis, out of the slump that is post-college failure, out of complacency. Though the London road has not been an easy one I have the privilege to say that today, TODAY, I work for an International Television Production company. Cody saved my career, my ambition, and most importantly he saved me.

Cody grew up in Saint Charles, just outside of Saint Louis (where I met him) but has since moved to New York City to pursue his dream of film. He has, and continues, to create amazing projects of varying genres and scope.

Outside of film Cody has been my surrogate brother, details not mentionable as I'm sure you probably already want to throw up reading this. Cody gave me hope when I had none, and has re-lit it every time the flame has burned low.

Though this post could clearly be never-ending, I will spare you the responsibility of reading any further. Cody has just finished directing his latest short, is currently DP'ing another and will be shooting one next month as well. If you wish to check out Cody's work you can do so at www.codystokes.com
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