"A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it"
~ George Moore
Trafalgar Square, London,  approx. 10 pm 9 March 2011
On the 10th of March, 2011 I left London for what I thought would be forever. I remember leaving that day uncertain of where I was going or what I was doing. I had a pair of plane tickets in hand, one that took me to New York, and another that took me to the Dominican Republic. I tried not to tell anyone but I was scared shitless, I hadn't seen my family in almost 3 years and I hadn't been back to DR in over twelve.  

As my previous posts suggests, my time in DR and New York was eventful and full of so many stories - some old and some new. I would be lying if I didn't say I'm glad I went back, so glad I was 'forced' to experience something most people never get to do. I relived my history, got to know my family as an adult, traced my family's heritage, and for the first time ever learned to be at peace with myself.

I read the above quote while perusing some books in Foyles Bookstore on Charing Cross Road the week before I left. I had assumed I would have a lot of free time in DR and so I decided to fill that time with books. I brought three books to DR and only read one of them. That quote however, which was present in a  book I did not purchase, has stayed with me ever since.

If you've followed my writings over the years you've noticed that I'm a drifter - always looking for a better opportunity, a chance to live out my dreams, and always on the hunt to figure out who I am and why I don't exactly fit in anywhere.  My time in New York, and especially my time in DR, has shown me all that I needed to know... or more importantly has reminded me of what I already knew. So it is true then, I have travelled the world (well ok so just the America's and Europe) in search of what I needed and I found it while being forced to go Home

Someone told me once, that all of a sudden things will just fall into place. You'll figure stuff out, you'll feel better about things, and then one by one the puzzle pieces will come together. It will feel as though they happen to do so on their own, hard to imagine having tried to force them into their designated spots when the pieces themselves weren't apparent.

In an effort to move on before this entry becomes a sappy one I just have one more philosophical statement to make. I didn't know Home before, but I now know that I am Home. My body is my home, my mind, my experiences, God, my friends, my family, wherever I sleep tonight; that is Home. It took a white guy to tell me that though I would never have listened if it wasn't for all the Dominican teachings I had just learnt.

On Friday 17 June, 2011 - one hundred days since my departure - I returned to London. My employer sponsored my visa and I was allowed back into the country. Now, a month and a half later, I am living in an amazing flat, I have an amazing job, and I'm seeing an amazing guy. Pieces of the puzzle in place, no drama, no stress.

Normally when things seem to be stress free in my life I get bored. But there is nothing to be bored about, everyday is a new adventure, a new piece to the ever growing puzzle and I can honestly say I am excited.

Excited to see what comes next.

Excited for everything that came before.
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  1. What?! Dammit, you're in London? No, that's fantastic for you, but I thought you were still in NYC... much easier to get there.

    Anyway. Everything sounds perfect. I want to come visit anyway.

  2. Yes, well you know me. I can't stay put in one place if another one starts calling. But yes I'm in London again and I'll be here for quite some time I think.

    Come visit, I haven't seen you on this side of the world since 2005... make it happen!


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