Spring Cleaning… What a Find…

Been going through all my things from college and my youth that have been stored in my moms basement all these years. I set out to throw most of it away (and have been doing a good job at it) but occasionally I find something that makes me smile with some good fond memories I forgot I had. Today was no exception as I found a series of drawings I did when I was 12/13 and in middle school.

Back then I would draw out my film ideas, ideas that I had hoped to turn into scripts and one day into produced films. It’s really interesting to see what I was coming up with back then, and although the themes are ones I enjoy in films today they are not at all present in the films I have made or hope to make.

Hope you enjoy the pics below… I know I did!

Series 1: An Action Thriller set in a post apocalyptic world. Our male lead is a shy teenage boy who has to leave the confines of home in order to retrieve food for his ailing mother. On his journey he runs into a (slightly older) young lady while she’s bathing (hence the towel). Together they uncover a giant conspiracy (there was no actual apocalypse) and take on the dark forces. (I can’t remember the character’s names) Our male lead does of course loose his mother in the process which fuels his anger and drive towards saving the day… and the rest of humanity.

pic 1 pic 5

Series 2: When children dream, they create new worlds that actually grow and thrive even when they’re not dreaming. In this particular world (created in the dreams of an ailing young girl) we meet two heroes though they don’t know they’re heroes just yet. Their world is falling apart (if the girl dies so does the world she created) and these two teenagers are on a quest to find out why.

They set out to speak with the King and Queen of their land who admits to them the origins of their world and the danger it is in. They must defeat the evil warlord who has set out to destroy the world (and thus the girl in the process – it’s a A affects B, B affects A type situation). Defeating him saves the day and the girl, but in doing so the King and Queen are killed… leaving this once thriving nation without a leader… and the girl without a mind…

Note: The last two pics also contain images from the 1st series mentioned above.

pic 7 pic 8pic 9

Series 3: Super Hero Comic Book Movie. A young boy gets electrocuted (this did actually happen to me when I was like 6) and for weeks he is  able to manipulate electrical devices around the house… and of course shock his siblings with a simple touch.

When he gets older he is the victim of a brutal crime where he watches his mother die (I see a pattern here) and his rage brings out his powers a million times stronger than he could ever have imagined. He is able to fly by manipulating the electrical currents in the air around him (for you scientist reading this – SHUT UP). His arch nemesis is a power hungry scientist who uses genetic research to mutate innocent victims into mind controlled monsters who reek havoc on the city. It is up to Electrolysis (yep that’s his name) to save the day.

His girlfriend eventually discovers his identity and joins him as a powerless sidekick named Daisy. She is eventually killed and turned into a flowery monster who Electrolysis must battle and defeat. He thinks he defeats her but instead she turns into a cocoon (seed) and re-germinates into a green woman (good this time) with flowery red hair. Ashamed of her appearance she never allows Electrolysis to see her but instead prowls the city’s science labs at night in search for a cure. She also has a vendetta out against the evil scientist who made her into a monster. Electrolysis eventually discovers her but has no choice but to send her to jail for her crimes. What a dilemma…

pic 4pic 2pic 3 pic 12 pic 11

What I have learnt from these drawings:

1. I had a thing for boobs (I think I still do).

2. I see some pre-Matrix and pre-Xmen (The final Daisy resembles Mystique ALOT) influences here (both came out in High School I believe) though Star Wars Ep 1 definitely showed up when I was 13. Batman significantly influenced me as a child, you can see some of it here in the daisy character (Poison Ivy).

3. My imagination was definitely other worldly and has calmed down a lot since then… still pretty fanciful but more on this realm of reality…

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