I Missed the Train...

For the last few weeks a weird trend has emerged in my life. I keep missing my bus and train. You may think that this is no big deal and it really isn't but for those that know me, you know that I am usually half an hour early to planned meetings and gatherings but now I am late to pretty much everything.

I suppose this is a nice change as many of my London friends are usually annoyed by my prompt attendance, mostly because I'm am usually the first to arrive and end up waiting outside in front of homes, bars and restaurants all the time.

Maybe I'm the one that gets fed up with it...

You're probably asking yourself what the point of this post is, which is funny as my friend Cody and I were having a conversation about pointless blogs earlier today. Why am I rambling? (hey that's the name of this blog!)

As I left the house today, my mom did her usual thing, she called out to me to remind me of some pointless fact or task that should only take two seconds of my time but instead takes five minutes for her to get the point across. As usual while this is going on, and as I etch closer and closer to the door, I hear the sound of a bus pulling away and before my mom has a chance to finish her sentence I bolt out into the street knowing well enough that I will not catch that bus and will instead end up waiting for half an hour, now out of breath, on the corner of my street.

I am sure to remind my mother of this fact everyday. She must know that she was the cause of my late departure the day before and as usual she is not phased.
"Shut up, you were not meant to be on that bus."
I eventually make it to Brooklyn to meet my friends Cody and Mandy for dinner. We have our usual good time and they walk me to the train at the end of the night. Like usual Cody and I have a bit of chat outside the train station, tonight being the shortest in the history of time, and like usual I walk into the train station to find a train departing and as usual it's another 20 minute wait for the next one.
"There better be a good reason why I just missed that god damn train!"
As I changed trains in Times Square, also known as the vortex to hell, I saw a familiar face. At first I thought my eyes were playing a trick on me but I reacted anyway. I ran over, pulled him by the shoulder and stared him in the eye, all the while not saying a word. After his initial shock wore off and he realised who I was he greeted me with an enthusiastic "Hey!" and in my glee I shouted "DAVE!!!"

David D. was my roommate freshman year at university in Saint Louis. He transferred out sophomore year and I had not seen or heard from him since.

We were once great friends and I have kept him in my thoughts though I had not seen him since 2004. He always said he hated New York and could not even phathom living here. Well Dave I guess you were wrong.

It was interesting to see how different of a person he has become as we talked over ramen (at a proper restaurant not eating those 10¢ packets you do in college). In fact it was interesting to see how different we both were, how much we had changed over the  years but how our core was still pretty in tact.

David is back in school, studying to become a nurse. He's been in New York for 5 months and is really loving it here.

For once I am really glad I missed my train.
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