A Step in the Right Direction

“Fuck you Devil, YOU CAN NOT HAVE ME!!!” ~Joan Alvarez

So I’ve been in New York for 6 days now. Had no choice but to leave London as I continue to fight for my right to stay there. We will see what happens with that. BUT I can not just sit around waiting for things to happen, I have to see this time as an opportunity to accomplish something new, to see something new, and to understand something old. I’m currently sitting at JFK International Airport waiting for my flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

How long am I going for? Who knows really but I am anticipating 2 months, possibly 3. All depends on what I hear from London – the longer it takes over there the longer I’ll stay. Why am I going? What am I doing? Well a few months ago I had the unfortunate (or fortunate depending on how you look at it) luck of finding out my family’s past. With that information in my head, and with my impending immigration situation, I began to go crazy. Like literally crazy and so to keep my sanity I saw this forced vacation as an opportunity. An opportunity to go experience the Dominican life that I never truly have but have always claimed. There is of course also the opportunity to find out all that was hidden from me my whole life in terms of my family history – and what best place to figure it out than in the Country – the town where it took place.

I know I will not find out all the answers, I don’t even know all the questions. But I have to try, or else this will just eat at me for who knows how long. Besides when I am ever going to get another extended vacation in my life where I can just travel by myself, with no commitments? Who knows, but the opportunity is now and so I shall take it.

And the secret weapon I hide in my pocket… errr wrist?? The clock of luck that has taken me half way around the world before – showing me (in metaphorical terms) where I need to be…. tick tock mother fu*ker tick tock…Watch 2
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