This Bloody Cold Ass House!!!

“My Honey is Frozen!!!”
~Papi Abreu


I went to make a cup of tea and decided to put some honey in it. My honey is frozen. It was not in the freezer, nor in the fridge, it was in the cupboard as it should be.

I even nuked the damn thing and the microwave almost exploded but yet the honey was still frozen.

This house is always freezing. The heat is on, I can see the stupid red light that tells me so. I pay the bill for the damn gas… so what gives? I touch the heater and it is luke warm at best. I hate this house and it’s lack of heat…

Sometimes I get in the shower and can’t tell if the water feels hot because the room is so cold or if the room feels warm because the water is so hot. I say this because the water just felt warm during the warmer months.

I need to move. Bloody leases.

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  1. Step 1) Is your boiler up to pressure? If it's a combi (heats water when you want turn on a tap) then there is a dial on the front indicating the pressure. If this is below the clearly marked area, you need to find out which tap underneath the boiler puts more water in it and turn it until the beast comes up to pressure.

    Step 2) Bleed your radiators. You will need a radiator key.

    Extra bonus fact: your honey wasn't frozen, it had granulated (turned back in to sugar). There is not much you can do about this. It happens.

  2. My honey turned back into sugar??? That's awesome!!! I shall eat it with a spoon!

    And yes I called my landlord out today and he came to take a look. He pretty much touched all the radiators and said that's as hot as they're going to get. As soon as he walked in all my stupid house mates returned the hallway heaters they stole back into the hallway. It did not go unnoticed...

    I shall bleed the radiators as soon as I get my hands on a key! Kathryn recommended the same...


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