A New Year, A New City

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.”
~ Buddha

I rocked out the New Year in Dublin. It was calm, relaxing, and just what I needed: A break from London.

My dear friend Kathryn was super cool and bought me a ticket there as a Christmas present and treated me like a king the whole time… will never forget it.

Feel like I should write about all the adventures I had… but really it was the first vacation I have ever had in my life… a break from the rest of the world with no commitments or timed schedules.

Today as soon as I got back into the UK my phone blew up (non-stop messages) and I realised why I liked having it off… no one to bother me…

What will this year bring? I don’t know yet but I shall recap the firsts/accomplishments of my life from the last decade:

2009: First Snowflake that looks like a snow flake
2008: First full time job
2007: My Masters Degree
2006: My College Degree
2005: My First Film / First European Adventure
2004: First Actual Love
2003: First Apartment
2002: Left home for College with $0
2001: First Boyfriend
2000: The First time I told my Mother I will not be a doctor but I will make films instead. She cried in front of my high school guidance counselor.

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