Quarter Century

"It is not how old you are, but how you are old."
~Jules Renard

In less than a month I turn 25......and this last week I have moved for the billionth time this year. Let's do a breakdown:

Move from St. Louis College Apts to a house
Move from said house to NYC
Move from NYC to London University Dorms
Birthday in London

Move from London University Dorms to Apt with 3 other flatmates
Move to St. Louis - Apts at General Grant
Move from Apts to other Apts Downtown
Move from Downtown into friends apt at Georgetown
Move to New York - Parents House
Birthday in New York

Move to St. Louis - Same friends in Georgetown
Move to Apt in Central West End
Birthday in St Louis
Move to London - Friends Apt in Gidea Park

Move to Friends Apt in Clapham Junction
Move to Amsterdam - staying with family
Move back to London - Friends place in Clapham North
Move to current Location - Lewisham
Birthday in London?

I am a man of the world....I get it....but I got excited yesterday because I bought a duvet cover and I hold it as a sign of me staying put in one place? This is just ridiculous....

Over and Out...
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