Who would have thought?

My last post was December 6, 2008, exactly 3 months ago. If you would have asked me if I knew I would be where I am now then.....I would say yes.....but I would have been wrong.

Since July I have been trying to get my work visa to work on a film in London. Come November, and my purchased plane ticket, that was still not so. I feared I was not going to get approved and since I already gave up my job and apartment in St. Louis I was going to be in a world of trouble. Come December 11th my visa came and to much support of my friends and family I was on a plane the 16th. I arrived in London on the morning of the 17th bright and cheerful, with my life ahead of me and great things to come.

The film of course fell apart, and I found myself homeless, broke, and unemployed....and to top it off in a foreign country. The film was meant to pay for my flights, my housing during the course of the filming, and a salary. I got nothing. So what have I been doing for the last 2 months? I have been looking eagerly for work, spending time with my friends, and trying not to spend any money..which is of course impossible.

Where am I now you ask? Well that is the interesting part. I am neither in London or St. Louis, neither the UK or the US. I am in ...Amsterdam living with family. As I am officially homeless I had no where else to go and could not stay at friends any longer, especially with no funds to eat. So here I am.....still unemployed and broke but with food in my belly and a roof over my head.

Hopefully I'll get a job in the UK soon and can get back to what I'm supposed to be doing.
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