Never Again

by Christopher Abreu

Never again.
Never again will I let you.
Never again.
Never again Will you be able to,
Stop me
From living my dreams
And wanting to be,

I've always,
Dreamt of
A better Life.
But you,
Tore it out of my mind.

I wanted to go.
Things I
Wanted to try.
I wanted to meet.
And beautiful things,
I wanted to see

That was then,
This is now.
I see the light,
Behind your clouds.

You can try.
You will fail.
I am sly.
I will prevail.
You lay there,
Blood everywhere,
You filthy pig.

Now I have to,
Clean you up.
And throw you behind,
The garbage truck.
The rats will,
Eat you up.

Can't you see?
I've finally become,

Oh wait,
I've always been.
You were blind,
But you opened your eyes,
As I shot you twice.
You begged for life,
It was denied.

Now I will start,
All over again.
And fix the things,
That were broke.
I will go on,
But you won't.
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