I Want You to Know

by Christopher Abreu

I want you to know,
That you’ve torn out my soul.
The stream is getting stronger,
I can’t stop the flow.

My knees are bare boned,
I just want to go under.
I don’t understand,
Why you don’t chose to be a man.

Why lie to yourself?
How could you go on?
Knowing your wrong,
And yet you push on.

The little ones will hate you.
The woman will disgrace you.
But I will go on,
Watch me carry on.

You’ve hidden the truth,
I know it’s in you.
No matter how much,
You’ll never know love.

You’ll grow old.
Knowing you’ve told,
Lies to the world.
Your heart will turn cold.

You’ll never be happy.
You’ll be old and saggy.
Too late to be right,
You’ll never know the light.

I can’t believe you did this.
There’s nothing more I can say.
I hope you get through this,
For the sake of your own children.
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