Christopher Abreu Rosario, Romans 13:10

Seminarian at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA, seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

My aims in seminary education are:
  • Exploring how church and worship in the United States can evolve to affirm and include third culture Hispanic and Latinx persons.
  • Obtaining sound Biblical knowledge that bridges the gap between Hispanic and Latinx communities with LGBT+ inclusive and affirming theologies.
  • Practicing spiritual/daily disciplines that reclaim the Cross as both a way of life and an affirmation of salvation through universal reconciliation theologies.
  • Learning how to teach others to become proponents of their own story, and subsequently teaching others to listen to one another’s stories.

I created this faith journey blog as a way to chronicle the experience of ordination and seminary life within the Presbyterian context through the lens of an LGBT Hispanic man.

With a prior career in Film and Television production, I've learned the power of storytelling. Every culture across the globe has story, a unifying aspect of our humanity that, when used for good, can teach, connect, and inspire communities for just change and personal and spiritual growth.

Just before entering seminary, I taught Media Storytelling at Access SFUSD (San Francisco School District), a community-based program for students with disabilities ages 18-22. Using community experience, the arts, and technology, I assisted other teachers in preparing students for the real world.

I have worked, or volunteered, for non-profit organizations that help people find their voice such as Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change, MediCinema, B3 Media, Double Helix Corp (KDHX), and MCC Theater.

I am under the care of the Presbytery of San Francisco and served as an Elder in Mission Bay Community Church (SF).

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